We arrived in Ukraine tired but safe Tuesday 3/29/2016. I believe this is my twelfth trip. All flights went well and we had good weather. On the last flight an American my age was seated next to us. We chatted and soon found out he was from a Bible church in Chicago and was also going to Ukraine to do ministry in a sister church they have had for 20 years here. It is amazing how God works things out in His providence. What good fellowship and time to encourage one another we had.

Mike & Rachel Gustafson and our grandkids (Ellie, Jonathan, Susanna and Daniel) met us in Kiev and took us home to see the house they purchased last year. Very nice home with yard and second floor and more room for the kids. It is located in a village just outside of the city. We look forward to families times with both of our kids while here. Nancy speaks to a ladies group Wed. night. I'll be speaking in their church Sunday and in seminary chapel next week. Thanks for praying. More later.