I have a shiny golden city the size of a tennis ball on my desk that the Cudney's gave me recently. It is unique because it is a replica of a sculpture done by Israeli-born artist, Sam Philipe, who does Biblical sculptures in Israel. His work brings the Bible to life. This one was done for city's 3,000th anniversary since King David set up his kingdom. The original is pure silver with 24k gold roofs. It is in the shape of globe to emphasize Jerusalem as the center of the world. Truly no other city has had the importance Jerusalem has had. It is a kind of symbol of heaven.

Replica of a sculpture of ancient Jerusalem.

Replica of a sculpture of ancient Jerusalem.

In Scripture Jerusalem is God's city where the Temple was and considered a most holy place where millions still make pilgrimages to. It is also a place of much strife, sin and confusion. But, it is still the city that stands for good and God while Babylon stands for evil and that which opposes God.

Jerusalem today has been embattled, divided and is imperfect. But God does promise a New Jerusalem that will be perfect in every respect both physically and spiritually. All who are genuine followers of Christ will one day go there. Revelation 21 describes it as beautiful and massive, being about the size of our moon. It is the place where both Jew, Gentile and the church, the bride of Christ, all come together around Christ our Savior. Here true fellowship will be enjoyed. It marks the beginning of the eternal kingdom of Christ. It is heaven. Want to go there?  This Lord's Day we will visit it briefly.   

Want to see more of Sam's sculptures? They are on display in Jerusalem or just go to       

Here is a song about the New Jerusalem that Nancy and I like. It is called The Golden City. Take a listen.

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-Pastor Mark