Last week George died. Pastor Cox was a key figure in our northwest churches. He was an encouragement to me in our early years. He moderated my ordination council and kept the questions coming at me under control. Thanks George 😊. We occasionally visited him in a care facility where he continued to preach the gospel almost until he died last week at 92. He, like the Apostle Paul, never stopped ministering and his work affected many people. George served in nine churches in the Pacific Northwest. He was direct in his approach. His kids said that when there was a nanosecond of silence on the phone he would say, “Okay---goodbye.”  That would be good for his headstone.  He left behind only a few small boxes of personal items. He traveled light and long for Christ. That’s a good way to be in this materialist age.

george cox.jpg

Jeanne Roberts also was taken to heaven this week. This lady was the faithful wife of Hal Roberts who died earlier. Hal parachuted in on D-Day and later fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Jeanne faithfully supported and prayed for him all 75 years of marriage. She died on their anniversary (8/22) at 95 years of age. They traveled light and long also. A service will be announced for November.

This week my beloved Nancy Ann caught up with me at 70. Happy Birthday, Honey. She travels light too and helps me by making sure our closets are not too full, I eat healthy, we both exercise together and praying for me constantly. God says that 70 is the average, He also says that by strength more may be granted (Psa. 90:10).  We hope to travel light and long too by His grace and for His glory.  You can see us doing some traveling here this week.


This Sunday we’ll be in Galatians 2 as we remember the Lord’s Table. SALT groups start near you the week of Sept. 17. Plan to be in one.

Pastor Mark