Bob & Shannon Doremus

Deacon - Grounds Maintenance & Nursery

Bob was born at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage Alaska in 1959. His father was in the Air Force, so they moved around the world every few years. He was raised in a family that went to church every Sunday until his father retired from the Air Force when Bob was a young teenager. Bob knew about Jesus and believed in least he believed He existed. But he was not following Him as Lord. He got into drugs, alcohol, fighting and the "party life" from Junior High through college and spent a lot of time in high-risk sports like hang gliding because it gave him a "thrill", but he was empty on the inside.

Bob realizes now he was going over the "water fall" to eternal death spiritually and physically with his reckless behavior and self-centered life. Then something amazing began to happen... one by one, five of his friends began to come to a real relationship with Jesus over about a 2 year period of time. They began to go to church, read their Bibles, and talk about Jesus all the time. He thought it was sort of strange in a way, but also saw that their change was real, and it caused him to re-think who he was and the direction he was heading. Then the Lord began "reeling him in"...He started attending church with some of his friends. Then on March 31, 1988 at 4 AM he gave his life to the Lord Jesus in his bedroom. Everything changed at the moment...the world looked completely different to him. He seemed to love people for the first time, and he began talking (praying) to the Lord throughout the day and began reading the Bible every day.

He also met a beautiful young woman named Shannon two days after he came to know Jesus, and, with fear of rejection, he told her the next weekend what had happened to him, and how Jesus had taken control of his life. She responded that she wanted the same thing! She went home that night and prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord! He was amazed at how the Lord had blessed and changed his life! They were married five months later on August 27, 1988. They have three children who are now grown; Luke is married, Callie, and Matthew.

Bob has been self-employed since 1991 in the real estate investment business. He now serves our church as a Deacon, and also loves to teach adult Sunday School. His wife is a volunteer counselor of young woman who are considering abortion through a ministry called CareNet.

"I am so grateful to the Lord for my life; our three children love the Lord, and we enjoy spending time together as a family boating, body-surfing, snow-skiing, or just hanging out! I know He is not done with me...I am still in process, so if you know me, please have patience with me!" - Bob

"...Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" (Phil. 1:6).

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