Graham & Sharon Marshall

Elder - Finances & Missions

The responsible stewardship of the financial resources of a church is important in ensuring that the church is effective in the fulfillment of its primary task of equipping the saints for the furtherance of the Kingdom to the glory of God. Graham is committed to working with the other church leaders to ensure a conservative and responsible approach to managing the church's financial resources. Not only is this consistent with teaching from God's Word but it also serves as a healthy model for the congregation.

A healthy church is one that is committed to missions. This will include both the personal missionary activity of church members in obedience to Acts 1:8 and also the formal support of missionaries to the lost both locally and internationally. Graham coordinates this effort in close collaboration with the Pastor. An important aspect of this endeavor includes his responsibility for adult teaching specifically during the Sunday School hour to equip the flock to fulfil their calling in the kingdom of God.

Graham came to know the Lord as his personal Savior as a teen under the Youth for Christ ministry of the Rev Frank Retief. Graham realized at that Feb 1974 YFC Come Together that he could no longer depend on his parents credentials as followers of Christ - it was necessary for him to personally repent of his sin and place his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ "... the Kingdom of God is at hand! Repent, and believe in the Good News" - Mark 1:15. Some years later, Graham was baptized by his father.

Graham was married to Sharon in 1983 and the Lord has blessed them with three children and several grandchildren. Graham and Sharon emigrated from South Africa in 1995 to join a technology company involved in the development of chemical analyzers. Sharon is the Church Treasurer.

His interest in science and technology is in harmony with his understanding of Creation as set out in God's Word. This led him to being a signatory to the Discovery Institute's "A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism" ( and the development of a scripturally defensible and scientifically sound understanding of creation. An understanding of Origins is foundational to our worldview and Graham seeks to pass on a sound Judeo-Christian worldview to the next generation both in his family and in the church.

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