Michael & Sarah Hodo

Youth Leadership

Michael and Sarah began their marriage in 2002 and have been blessed with six children. They love to spend their time staying active while hiking, combing the beach, running after their children, or napping from all of the above. Michael is a professional firefighter with The Boeing Fire Department and Sarah is a retired Registered Nurse, now full time homemaker and mom.

Michael’s desire for serving the Lord with the youth began when he was saved at the age of seventeen. Michael began leading in Young Life. The Lord has given to Michael a passion for God’s Word and he greatly enjoys teaching it to the high school aged teens.

Sarah was saved at the mere age of seven. She also has a history of working with the youth as she desires to see young people come to know the Lord. Sarah’s main desire is to serve beside her husband in a partnership role that leads others closer to Jesus.

Michael and Sarah have recently taken on the role as the high school youth group leaders. Michael also teaches the High School Sunday School class.

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