Why does John MacArthur list Eve as the first of the "extraordinary" women of the Bible for us to study?  It seems to me that most of us have a bit of a black mark next to her name; after all we have a lot of pain and troubles that she triggered.  But wait, besides being the mother of all living, there are some other amazing aspects of her life.  As you study the first chapter in our study book, please consider these three questions:

1- What does it mean to have a complementary relationship between a man and woman?

2- What are the most significant challenges you face in seeking to fulfill a complementary role?

3- What types of pressure do you feel, or have you felt, to pursue equality with other people, and equality with men?

See you on Thursday morning at 9:30 for a good time of encouraging one another to love and good works and knowing God better.  May the Lord be our life!