Psalm 119:68"You are good and do good;..."

The goodness of God is clearly presented in the Bible.  But, do we really believe this to be true?  Are we so prone to thinking of God as a "super human" or somewhat like our earthly father that we transfer human weakness to Him as well?  Just a bit of introspection causes us to be confident that we ourselves are not consistently good even by human standards.  But, consider this, God is infinitely and perfectly good. What a comfort and encouragement this must be to our souls that God consistently shows goodness and kindness to us all the days of our lives.

Nearly 40 years ago I remember this verse from Psalm 119 bringing me overwhelming peace and comfort.  My dad lay in a coma for 3 weeks following a fall from a hay wagon that landed him on his head.  The very day he came out of the coma and seemed to be headed for a complete recovery blood clots clogged his lungs and he died within 24 hours. At the time Mark was going to seminary and one of his professors (Russ Glessner) had been sharing this verse about the goodness of God and Mark in turn told me of it.  So many times in the days and weeks after by dad was gone that verse would come to my mind and give me rest in my soul.

God is good and He does good—let’s believe it and live accordingly.

See you on Thursday morning to discuss the goodness of God.