Psalm 50:2  "Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth."  

God's perfection--is this a concept we can grasp even a small piece of?  We know a bit about "perfectionism," but, God's perfection has little to compare with this term.  Instead we find that perfection in God's character produces and is beautiful.  All that truly honors God is beautiful and in contrast, nothing bad is beautiful.  Think about real cases of this that you have observed in your own life and be prepared to share those as we meet on Thursday morning.

Now consider this:  "It's not the external beauty that is beautiful but the internal beauty.  Heaven is beautiful because it is the expression of that which is the perfection of beauty. And while that is true of heaven, I must also say that hell is the place of unrelieved, monstrous ugliness, because there is no perfection; there is only monstrous moral deformity.  There is nothing beautiful in hell.  And in heaven, of course, there is supreme beauty."  AW Tozer, The Attributes of God

As we complete Volume 1 of our study of God's attributes this week, join us to sink into trying to understand better God's perfection. Also, I will have available our new study books that we will begin next week.I'll look forward to seeing you.