Today I am writing to you from Interlochen, Switzerland. Mark, his brother, and I have seen many many people as we have traveled the past week.Something that has impressed all three of us individually is the uniqueness of every person’s face. When we were in the Zürich airport waiting and watching for Mark’s brother to arrive thousands of people went past us. But only Mark’s brother’s unique face was the one that stood out to us. Yet with all of this uniqueness, we all have significant aspects of our humanness in common.

One of the most important things we have in common as human beings is our need to be forgiven by God because of how we have ignored Him and how we have been unloving to other people. Perhaps this doesn’t seem so important to you. But actually it has great significance not only for the vitality of your life now, but also for eternity.

This Thursday morning during the ladies Bible study time Emily Hunt will be leading the study of lesson three which is a study of Psalm 32. This Psalm by David clearly points out the beauty God’s forgiveness brings to our lives. My soul was really stirred as I studied this Psalm; not only for the joy in my own life, but also for this great need in the thousands of lives around me every day.