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Among the best quotes of the week from Tozer's book The Attributes of God would be this:  "A great gulf lies between me and the transcendent God, who is so high I cannot think of Him, so lofty that I cannot speak of Him, before whom I must fall down in trembling fear and adoration.  I can't climb up to Him; I can't soar in any man-made vehicle to Him.  I can't pray my way up to Him.  There is only one way: 'Near, near thee, my son, is that old wayside cross.' And the cross bridges the gulf that separates God from man.  That cross!"  Oh my, this is truly amazing.  

This Thursday morning we will discuss the transcendence of God.  That may sound lofty and beyond your expertise, but, it absolutely isn't.  See you on Thursday.

Also, don't forget there is a baby shower for Courtney Myers this Saturday at 2 in the Fireside room.  Sunday evening will be the sending service for the Caleb Suko's headed back to Ukraine. And the Ladies Night Out on Monday evening at 6:30 will be a great time of fellowship with other women, homemaking skills, and encouragement concerning Biblical relationships.