Psalm 11:1a “In the LORD I put my trust;…”

Just a bit of observation of the world around us, like watching the news, very quickly makes us aware that we live in a morally deteriorating time. It would seem that we are once again experiencing what happened in the OId Testament days of the book of Judges when everyone did what was right in their own eyes. As followers of Christ, what should be our response? Do we know the way through a wicked world?

Although we may sometimes be tempted to either join in with the down hill slide or run from the difficulties, God has called us to maintain a lifestyle that brings glory to Him—this being the chief created purpose of humans. This means we can never face life independent from God, but rather our dependency must be constant. Our reliance on God and His word must be our conscious choice throughout every day—the easy and the difficult. Without this perspective our strength will fail and our lives will deteriorate into turmoil.

What does this dependency on God look like? This Thursday morning we will be digging into that very topic as we study Psalm 11 together. I’ll look forward to seeing you.