As I have been studying 3 John this week and the subject of hospitality, my mind has been broaden beyond the usual context we think of concerning this character quality that the Bible so often speaks about.  Of course, understanding its true meaning to be "love of strangers," in itself makes us think twice about whether we are truly hospitable.  But, beyond that it seems that hospitality is often associated with having people into our homes.  I'm thinking we need to realize it goes way beyond that to a way of life that continually loves everyone we meet--everywhere.  Is not my chatting with a 3 year old grandson as much hospitality as providing a delicious meal for guests in my home?  Is not welcoming with open arms those I don't know at church, also hospitality?  How about greeting cheerfully those I see in public places, whether I know them or not? 

"If you are a Christian professor, either Christ is glorified or put to shame in you, His saint; and either it is true of you that you do all things in the Name of the Lord Jesus and so glorify His Name, or that through you the Name of Christ is ‘blasphemed among the nations.’ Choose which of the two it shall be!"  Alexander MacLaren

Let's encourage one another in this valuable Christian quality this Thursday morning as we study 3 John.