Paul & Tammy Hayes

Elder - Music Director

Paul’s passion is to help bring the congregation into the presence of God in worship through music that honors Him and accurately reflects His Word. Paul wants the church to vertically worship God in song and horizontally learn the great doctrines of Scripture through music. In this way Paul hopes to provide the flock with “take home theology.” Colossians 3:16.

Paul was given the gospel by his sister and is thankful that God saved him at the young age of five. He was married to Tammy in 1984, and God has since blessed them with four children who all love music, too. Paul is a professional firefighter with Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One.

If you like the “sport of Kings,” Paul is always ready to take up the racquetball racquet. Hiking is also a passion with Paul and his son, Christian.

Paul and Tammy are graduates of Cedarville University.

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