When we arrived home and saw the beautiful green trees, lush lawn and flowers I said, "It is heaven!" While we enjoyed every minute in Ukraine, it was heavenly to be home! But America is not heaven. It needs the gospel of Christ desperately now more than ever before.

When we left Ukraine behind, we were reminded to pray for it as May 2nd comes.  Why?  Because May 2nd is the second anniversary of forty-six pro-Russian anti-Maidan protesters being killed in a confrontation with pro-Ukrainian protestors in Odessa near the main rail station. While we were there rumors were spreading about an uprising being planned. Pray for peace and the safety of our missionaries (Caleb Sukos & Vladimir Sagadeyevs) and many Christian workers there. We are reminded that rumors of wars are a part of our world until Christ comes.

Believers, even though living in a world at war, always have the hope of heaven to look forward to. This Sunday I will return to Revelation and look at a wonderful picture of heaven (ch. 4-5) that Christ gave us.  During May 8th we'll celebrate Mothers Day so if any parents desire to dedicate a child please let me know.

Some who followed my blog were unaware that some pictures were actually videos. Videos have a small white arrow in a box in the center of the picture (see below). Click on the arrow and you will see a blog-related video. Here is one that summarizes our ministry in Ukraine.  Enjoy.  -ms

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