Someone said, "I don't understand Revelation so I avoid it. It scares me." Yet Revelation is the only book that promises a blessing to the reader;  "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy,..." (Rev 1:3).  It is easy see it is about Christ's second coming or "revelation" in glory.

Amazingly in the Old Testament for every prophecy of Christ's first coming there are eight for the second coming. In the New Testament Christ's second coming is mentioned in about every fifth verse (about 20% of the NT). Yet we put a lot of emphasis on the first coming to the exclusion of the second of which there are about 1500 prophecies in Scripture. Perhaps our Living Nativity should also have a Living Second Coming.

It is good to be aware of prophecy so we are not deceived.  Here is why.  Revelation 13:1ff is a preview of the Beast or Antichrist who wins people over, promises peace, has a statue made of himself. Later this autocratic ruler opposes Christ and Christians in a violent way. Even intelligent people will be easily deceived in mass. 

In a similar way today the dictator Vladimir Putin is perhaps the most powerful strongman we know of.  People who oppose him disappear or are found dead.  What democratic American would favor him?

Yet an article in the Financial Times last weekend was entitled Putin Finds Fan Base in Republican Country. The writer said a number of Republican leaders have found Putin to be an attractive figure.  An August poll of registered Republicans found that only 27% of them found Putin objectionable compared to 66% two years ago.  Al Mohler asks how could so many Republicans change their view of Putin becoming so acceptable so quickly. Yet during that same period Putin has become even more evil. Some people so desperately want change that they are willing to overlook an evil and corrupt dictator whom they think might bring change even if it is contrary to what is morally right.  This signifies that Americans can be easily deceived like the people the Antichrist deceives in the future. Are we drawing near to that time today?  Only the Lord knows. 

That is why it is good for us to have a grounded Christian ethic. With that in mind this Sunday

Chris Rogers is leading a new series for both adult Sunday School classes at 9:15 entitled Doing the Right Thing. The discussion is not an easy one, and we see that many Christians are losing that discussion in America. These 30-minute video sessions will challenge us to do something about it. Come prepared to be challenged, and your faith motivated.

Bring the kids to their respective classes too.  If you miss out then some aspect not copyrighted may be available in Livestream.  This past week we also had a great start for Awana on Tuesday nights at 6:30.  Bring kids for next Tuesday and a great time.

Sunday our fall SALT groups start in four convenient locations and times near you. Get connected in a SALT group where you can grow deeper with the Lord and others. See bulletin cover for locations and times.  A special thanks to the Gig Harbor SALT group for providing meals for our family this past week with all that has been going on.  Thank you.

Pastor Mark