The word "Nativity" means the occasion of one's birth. It primarily refers to the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem two-thousand years ago. This obscure birth impacted the world then as lowly shepherds witnessed it and distant kings followed a star to see it. God chose these messengers to spread the news near and far.



Like millions, I was impacted by the birth also as I learned of what Christ came to do and as a teen I saw my need for a Savior from sin and was born again by faith as He taught in John 3.  

Discovery Baptist has been blessed with the opportunity to tell the story of this miraculous Nativity in our unique setting since 1998.  We began with two dozen people doing just one scene as a handful came to see it.  This year we have 213 in costume plus 20 more non-costumed, for a total of 233. About 40% are from other churches in the area helping us bring to life what it might have been like in Bethlehem the night Christ was born. Some of our scenes will be improved again this year;  I think you'll be amazed at changes in the angel scene. Our message is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to the thousands who will come. 

Dress warm and join us Dec. 2 & 3 from 5-8PM as the village of Bethlehem comes to life.  Guests park across the street at Harbor Covenant Church. But, first listen to this moving song about the meaning of the nativity.



  • Friday is LN final set up from 1PM on.  
  • Workers please park at Harbor Life Church up the hill and use the shuttle to get to church. Do not park at Harbor Covenant since that is exclusively for our guests.  2:30 - Shuttle van service begins from Harbor Life.   3:45 - Be on set in costume to set up scenes, 
  • 4:00 cast meeting at front of the church to give final instructions and prayer. 
  • If you want a nice photo in costume on the set note Nehemiah Suko will be available for a quick one prior to starting.  Come early.
  • Pray for the event. Weather is not likely to stop us.  Watch the website for details.