The resurrection of Jesus Christ is considered by many to be the most important event of human history. Why? Because it is the crowning miracle of Christ's, topping all others, and points most clearly to the fact that He is who He said He was. That has massive implications for our lives in every area of living. It means what He said about the Old Testament pointing to Him is true. It means His teaching on the seriousness of sin and how to be saved and completely forgiven is true.  What He said about hell and heaven is true too.

A well known top scholar in England recently decided to write a book on the resurrection. He said he thought he could cover it in about 200 pages.  But when he got into the subject it took him 800 pages. It is entitled "The Resurrection of the Son of God" by N.T. Wright in case you wanted to read it. In essence he says there is no other explanation for the resurrection except that it is a real historical event in which Christ resurrected Himself bodily from the grave as He promised. It radically changed all the disciples from cowering fear to courageous reformers willing to be martyred.

I heard a story about an Easter illustration for a child. The teacher had a small plastic egg with a small chick inside. The teacher asked the child what was inside. The child replied, "pantyhose."  Popular culture uses the chicken and egg or bunny idea to speak of the new life at Easter. But it tends to trivialize an incredibly important event. Let us call it what it is, "Resurrection Day."  This is why we worship on Sunday the day Christ rose. 

The painting here is one of my favorites my son Ezra has done. It pictures the early morning hour when Christ arose and the stone was rolled away. Ezra had a feel for it since he once stood in the empty tomb alone that many believe may have been the actual place. I'll be speaking on the events at that tomb this Sunday morning. Our musicians will have an incredible music package for us to give Him praise. Join us for our informal Sea of Galilee Breakfast Fellowship at 9:15 and worship at 10:30. 

Want to know more about eternal salvation and forgiveness that the resurrection is about.  See my short video on "What is the Gospel" at

He is Risen!

Pastor Mark

PS.  See you at the Good Friday service  also at 7 PM.  Want some nice music on your computer or wifi active TV? Try Tim Janis and his new worship video at .  Great Celtic music of worship.