This is a ground breaking summer.    

This week equipment was brought by the Hinson brothers to clear brush, level and limb up the trees to park out the front entrance. This will make the church more visible and the area usable for summer events needing shade.

While this was not the "ground breaking" for our new building project extension, yet it prepares the way for the ground work to be done when we extend the auditorium this fall. Currently the permit application has been accepted and we are now awaiting an approval by the county. Then we will have a ground breaking service. Thanks for praying and giving. 

The Gig Harbor SALT Group met last week also for a Summer SALTLUCK.  It was a great time for fellowship, getting to know others, prayer and food. SALT Groups meet again weekly after school starts. 

This Sunday at 9:15 Caleb Suko will be giving his formal mission report for the past three years in Ukraine.  He will also speak at the 10:30 service.