Dear Flock,

Last Sunday was a milepost as we were looked to the future of Discovery through history, Scripture, music, fellowship, special speakers and a time of celebration at our banquet. If you missed the morning presentation or the banquet presentation you can watch them here. Then pick up the new booklet Expanding Our Ministry for Generations to Come and two commitment cards in the foyer or request them by mail. Our leadership is asking everyone to pray for a week about giving over and above regular General Fund giving for two years to our Building Fund for the expansion and improvement of our facilities. The extended auditorium (by 48%) shown here is just one of the five areas being expanded. The back of the commitment cards has important thoughts on determining God's will for you. Then return one card to the offering box by March 20th so the board can count the cost and plan for a loan from our regional fellowship. Every gift given to the Lord here will decrease the amount borrowed, interest paid and help spread the Gospel to the next generation. We are looking forward to moving forward with our building project this summer in our rapidly expanding community.

This Sunday Pastor Fedor Bespalov from Ukraine will speak. He pastors Light of the Gospel Church in Druzhkovka in Eastern Ukraine. His city was invaded by Russian Separatist forces in April of 2014 and remained under Separatist control until July 2014 when it was freed by the Ukrainian army. During this time his church was also seized by separatist and later freed by Ukrainian forces. Pastor Fedor often travels into the war torn areas that are in the "buffer" zone to minister to believers where fighting continues.

Pastor Fedor will do a slide presentation and Q & A session with the adult classes at 9:15. He will also speak for our 10:30 worship service along with Caleb Suko. Pastor Fedor has been in places of persecution that we have not so I am sure it will be fascinating.

He will be joining our Elders, Caleb, myself and several thousand other ministry leaders for the Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles this coming week. Keep us all in prayer.

For the Generations to Come,

Pastor Mark

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