Bible sole authority


"Don't Just Do Something, Stand There," titled an early message by Al Mohler. It addressed the need to stand for truth and how we too often get so busy that we miss the point of what we really are here to stand for. That's a good thought. It was Martin Luther who was under attack for his criticism of the church in 1517 when he said, "Here I stand. I can do no other." He was standing on the Bible alone as sole authority because it is God's Word. This is a stand all Christians should take.  Standing like Point Robinson Light, my old lighthouse, that has stood in one place now for over a century.

Painting by Ezra Suko.

Painting by Ezra Suko.

This Sunday Pastor Chris will conclude his series on James. Then at 6PM we'll have a sending service for one of our missionaries. It is our opportunity to stand with them in prayer and encourage them to stand for truth as they go. We'll have a chance pray for the Caleb Sukos as they prepare for another term in Eastern Europe. Bring a snack for the fellowship to follow.

Next Sunday I'll return to begin preaching on the last two chapters of Galatians. That book was Luther's second wife, so to speak, because it encouraged him in his "stand." It should encourage us also. It is said to be the Magna Carta of spiritual liberty and to have had more influence on America than our own Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So what should you do? Don't just do something, Stand there with us.

Pastor Mark