marriage advice from 50 years


Here are a few special summer things happening at DBC in addition to regular events and classes.

7/14 at 9:15 INSIDE THE HEALTH WEALTH GOSPEL A special one-time Adult Sunday School classes led by Pastor Mark in the Auditorium (Livestreamed). One Sunday only.

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The Trojan Horse story is about how the Greeks conquered the city of Odysseus by making a huge wooden horse and hiding soldiers inside. City officials opened the gates to the “gift” horse unaware of the danger. Today there are Trojan Horse attacks on the church too. What looks good can be dangerous on the inside. Costi Hinn, a former health and wealth preacher is the nephew of the famous Benny Hinn. Costi worked with uncle, traveled on private jets, drove expensive cars and stayed in hotels (up to $25,000 a night), and was on track to wealth. But God changed his course; he got saved. Costi now warns of the Trojan Horse of the Prosperity Gospel that is now worldwide. Pastor Mark will introduce and discuss this as we watch Costi’s testimony as seen from the inside the movement. Join us Sunday for this one time only class.

7/21 at 9:15 BIBLICAL INSIGHTS FROM 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE: N0 50/50 DEAL A special one-time Adult Sunday School class led by Pastor Mark and Nancy in the Auditorium (Livestreamed). One Sunday only.

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In today’s culture marriage is taken lightly or not considered at all. It is easily discarded and seen as not necessary.  But, Pastor and Nancy have some thoughtful biblical insights after celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary during June at their previous USCG lighthouse home. They will reveal what God taught them that helped get them through the tough times, raise a large family, and be more in love than ever. Don’t miss this one time only class.  

7/14,21,& 28 at 9:15 THE DISCOVERY CLASS Taught by Pastor Chris and Mark in the Pastor’s study. Things covered the first week will be membership, our vision, our history, what is a Baptist? The second week we will cover our Statement of Faith and Constitution. The third week we will cover our building project, giving, serving, discipline and restoration etc. These are basic things that we like those who come to our church to know about and also for some levels of service.

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Get on course and take the Discovery Class.

7/18 & 25 at 10:00-12:00 MOM’S FELLOWSHIP Thursdays moms can gather for insights on the role of a wife and mother from a Biblical perspective. Nancy Suko will lead the relaxed discussion about what the priorities should be for every mom — passionately loving and living for God. Children are encouraged to come. Moms will meet at Hannah Clark’s on 7/18 and at the home of Ruth Rogers on 7/25. Call for directions.

Pastor Mark