Makarovo Baptist Church

Makarovo, Ukraine

Pastor Velodia Motovillian and his wife, Mia, shepherd our sister church in Ukraine. Makarovo is a small village about 90 miles north of Odessa. Mark and Caleb Suko first visited here and spoke to a small group of believers in a house in 1994. The group was organized just after the fall of the U.S.S.R. and Ukraine’s independence. 

Discovery was impressed by the spirit of these new believers who had come out of the years of persecution. Therefore, DBC adopted Makarovo as a sister church. In the years that followed, DBC made a number of mission trips to help with camps and other ministries and the eventual building of a worship center. Later we helped support leadership in the church which in turn reached out to other villages on the steppes of Ukraine to see more churches established.

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