It isn't uncommon for women to feel that they have had such a messed up life that God can't use them for any good purpose.  I've been highly impressed while studying in detail the life of the prostitute Rahab from Old Testament times.  Consider this: "Rahab was redeemed not because of any meritorious works she died.  She did not earn God's favor by any good deeds.  Remember, even what she did do right--harboring the spies--was morally tainted because of the way she handled it.  She lied.  But she is not given to us an example of the power of human works.  She is not a lesson in how to better ourselves through self-improvement.  She is a reminder that God by His grace can redeem even the most horrible life."  John MacArthurAnd she became the mother of Boaz and is one of the few women listed in the ancestry of Christ!

Oh that we would be able to understand that life is not about us and our abilities, but, about God and His abilities and plans. 

See you this Thursday morning at 9:30.  Amanda will be caring for our little ones.  May the Lord be our life!!!!