Here in Lviv, Ukraine outdoor dining can be found multiple times in a single block.  Little cafes nestled in amazing stone buildings built in the 1600's tempt you to just one more cup of coffee, or a tasty meal.  As we enjoyed breakfast yesterday morning at an Uzbekistanian café we were cared for with incredible hospitality.  The middle-aged woman who waited on us carefully made our coffee, explaining all the while the exact procedure that was needed to make the coffee properly.  Hot water was poured on finely ground coffee beans, then two teaspoons of sugar was carefully sprinkled to cover the top of the liquid and as soon as the center of the sugar began to sink, then she stirred the coffee with a wooden (only wooden) toothpick until all the sugar had disappeared.  Then we were to wait 2 minutes before beginning to drink this carefully crafted beverage.

I've been thinking about the wonderful hospitality we enjoyed at this little café and how God who is perfect in His care for us also wants those who belong to Him to reflect that quality in our character.  What a great encouragement and challenge this should be to all of us.