"Here is Rock: all else is sand." -J.C. Ryle

This week I came across this thought provoking quote and have actually spent some time mauling it over in my mind.  The whole idea behind it is that Jesus (the Rock) is the only one we should build our lives and futures on:  everything else is sand; everything.  This sums up well a posting by our son Caleb that follows.

Ezra Suko's painting "New Day Dawning."

Ezra Suko's painting "New Day Dawning."

"The Western Christian is often confused about the word 'good' he thinks a 'good' life is a comfortable, entertaining, and enjoyable life. He's wrong!

A good life is a righteous life, it is founded upon a strong faith in God and directed by principles of truth found in God's Word.

A good life is a life that always does the right thing, a good life is a life that doesn't seek it's own self interest, a good life is a life that serves others, cares for others, and pursues God's... best in all.

And here's the thing, while a good life may not be comfortable, entertaining, or exciting, it will bring joy and peace beyond what words can describe!

So please stop buying the lie that our culture is shoving down the mouth of every consumer. You don't need more things to have a good life, you don't need to watch another movie, earn more money, go on cruise, become famous, or look beautiful.

Find God and you will find real goodness!"