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I have a very good husband who spoiled me on my birthday recently with many surprises like a delightful kayak trip around the harbor.  After 48 years of marriage I can truly say that he is a wonderfully good person.  But, now let's stretch our minds a bit to try to grasp what the goodness of God looks like.  Once again I have a great quote for you from A.W. Tozer.

"If God had goodness, but there was one spot in God that wasn't good, then He wouldn't be our God and Father.  If God had love but didn't have all the love, just ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent of the love--God still wouldn't be God.  God, to be God, must be infinite in all that He is.  He must have no bound and no limit, no stopping place, no point beyond which He can't go.  When you think of God or anything about God you'll have to think infinitely about God.

You may have a charley horse in your head for two weeks after trying to follow this, but it's a mighty good cure for this little cheap god we have today.  This little cheap god we've made up is one you can pal around with--"the Man upstairs," the fellow who helps you win baseball games.  That god isn't the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He isn't the God who laid the foundations of the heaven and the earth; he's some other god."   Tozer, The Attributes of God, Vol. 1, pg. 7.

September 21st (Thursday morning, 9:30-11) we will begin the Ladies Bible Study which will sink us deep into the attributes of God.  Plan to join us.  Books are available in the foyer at Discovery Baptist.