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This beautiful amaryllis currently brightens my kitchen no matter how dark the day; such beauty, and it is all God's doing.  Embracing the character of God brings even greater and longer lasting beauty to our lives than seen in this stunning flower


When we first meet someone we may have a guess of their character, but, only time and honest references bear out the truth of what this person is like.  I’m afraid most people guess concerning the character of God based on various experiences of their own lives.  But, God’s character (being eternal) vastly exceeds any qualities we could come up with in our finite little minds. Just as with any person we want to get to know, we must spend time alone with God reading His words and expanding our view of His character.  As we have already studied during our Thursday mornings together, He is infinite, immense, good, just, merciful, graceful, everywhere present, holy, perfect, and yet very near to us; those qualities alone should cause us to totally put our confidence in Him and not in ourselves. 

Since the beginning of time mankind’s biggest problem has been that he has not known God. Our self-will and self-indulgence has for millennia caused misery and sorrow; yet this continues to be the bent of generation after generation. Only one solution exists to correct this blight on the human race and it is found in Psalm 9:10.  “And those who know your name put their trust in you,…”  For a fuller meaning we could say, “And those who know your “character” put their trust in you,…”  

I’ll look forward to seeing you this Thursday morning as we begin our second volume by Tozer on the attributes of God.  If you don’t have a book, no worries, I’ll have some on hand.