Seldom do Mark and I get to enjoy a face to face visit with two of our sons, Caleb and Ezra (numbers 3 and 4 in birth order of our 8 children); but this week we have the treat of seeing them both here in LA. I’m so thankful for the children God blessed us with and now the extended families they are part of.


I’m not sure that our society has much of a concept of “lovingkindness.” But, this IS God and particularly when difficulty comes our way, this attribute of God should be a great encouragement and help to us. Psalm 86:5 “For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, And abundant in lovingkindness to all who call upon You.” Think about Spurgeon’s comments on this beautiful verse. “Good at giving and forgiving; supplying us with his good, and removing our evil. Here was the great reason why the Psalmist looked to the Lord alone for his joy, because every joy-creating attribute is to be found in perfection in Jehovah alone. Some men who would be considered good are so self-exaltingly indignant at the injuries done them by others, that they cannot forgive; but we may rest assured that the better a being is, the more willing he is to forgive, and the best and highest of all is ever ready to blot out the transgressions of his creatures.”

This Thursday morning Emily Hunt will be leading our study of Psalm 86. Plan to be part of this encouraging time in God’s Word.

A big thank you so those of you who prayed for my crazy stiff neck. It is doing much better and I am very thankful.

Last week I read a blog to you about Red, Yellow, Green in the Bible. Some of you asked for the link. https://www.skipmoen.com/2019/02/red-yellow-green-2/