“…wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” (Psalms 51:7b)

What a great week to be studying Psalm 51 and David’s great humility before God as he asks Him for forgiveness and cleansing from choices David had made to do as he pleased rather than to obey God. We have had a fresh look at the beautiful white of snow and so the metaphor of “whiter than snow” has to be a challenge to our imaginations. Of course, the point of David saying this is the emphasis on the beautiful holiness God puts in a life when He forgives our thoughts and actions that ignore His ways.

Even if we have not sinned in the blatant ways David did, we still have thoughts and actions that do not fall in line with the holy living God has called us to. We need forgiveness on a daily basis. Won’t you join with us this Thursday morning as we discuss Psalm 51 to understand better God, David’s heart, and our own heart.

Don’t forget Alisa Stigter’s baby shower this Saturday at 2 at Hannah Clark’s home.

March 1st there will be an Instapot info evening at Sally Helland’s home. If you would like to know how they work, what to use them for, or any other questions, we have experienced ladies to tell us all about it.