Although most all of the world has no care about God, God’s great concern for us zeros in on our having a right and vibrant relationship with Him that shows forth the wonder of who He is. During my study this week of Lesson 2 in our study on Proverbs, I particularly noticed the strong emphasis on this book’s foundation being “a relationship with God.” I’m excited about this lesson for that very reason. During lunch today Mark read me a very interesting article that reminded me that the entire Bible from cover to cover faithfully teaches that our lives fail outside of living for the glory of God. A study in proverbs can easily become sidetracked into the teaching of morality. But, the real point is God’s glory and this can only be evident in our lives when we have a bond with God because He has forgiven us and made us His child. That beautiful alliance grows as we understand—from Proverbs and the rest of the Bible—how God wants us to live in order that He would be most honored. But He being honored must be the motivation behind a moral life.

Please plan to join us this Thursday morning as we discuss this exciting topic found in various verses throughout Proverbs.