Here you see me with my best friend on one of our great adventures together.

“A friend loves at all times,....” Proverbs 17:17a “A true, hearty, faithful friend, loves in times of adversity as well as in times of prosperity: there are many that are friends to persons, while they are in affluent circumstances; but when there is a change in their condition, and they are stripped of all riches and substance; than their friends forsake them, and stand at a distance from them; as was the case of Job, Job_19:14; it is a very rare thing to find a friend that is a constant lover, such an one as here described;” John Gill

What a rich study we are sinking into this week concerning friendships. We will be thinking beyond the human level concerning friends to a godly perspective as it is revealed to us primarily in the Proverbs of Solomon. One of the symptoms of a society saturated with screen time activities shows up as loneliness. Another difficulty concerning friendship centers around self-focused people; while yet another problem clearly shows itself in flattery and lack of genuine care for the well-being of someone we might call a friend. All of these issues will be addressed this Thursday morning during Ladies Bible study as we do the first half of Lesson 6—through page 75.

Also, at 11 we will be having a salad bar luncheon together as we finish off our studies until fall. During the summer we will be meeting a few times at Emily Hunt’s home to discuss “young mom” questions. Also, if you would like to bless our dear babysitters, we will be collecting whatever you would like to contribute to them.