Mark and I enjoying the birthday of our nation at our beloved lighthouse on Vashon Island.

“God is the most important reality in the universe.  But he is almost totally ignored.  And if not, He is as likely belittled as reverenced.  Yet, He is the most crucial factor in every issue facing the nation.  There would simply be no nation without God.  But He is disregarded by our cultural leaders in almost all they do.  Disregard for God is the greatest evil in the West today.  It is as though an ant on his anthill should disbelieve in the earth.” John Piper, The Godward Life

I love this quote from John Piper. But, why is God largely ignored by our nation? Our country consists of individuals that make decisions that are Godward, or otherwise. Each of us as make up a piece of that huge group we call our country. So, that turns my attention to what my own focus in life truly is. Do I live according to my feelings, or by the pressure of what currently is “acceptable”? Or am I consistently looking to God for direction, help, and fulfillment? By my life am I offending the One who made me, keeps me alive, and gives me everything I have? Do I live for myself?

This Thursday morning all moms (young and old alike) are welcome to meet at Sally Helland’s home —12976 Gopher Hill PL SE, Olalla, WA where we will have a relaxed discussion of what should be the number one priority of every mom—passionately loving and living for God. Children are welcome.