Agreement with God



If God is omnipresent, that is near to everyone all the time, why does He seem faraway to most people?  Is it not because of our own willfulness to live life as we please rather than humbling ourselves before God and falling on His abundant mercy and grace? I’m loving meditating on these concepts and trying to grasp how this really works not only in the life of those who have no care for God, but, for believers who weaken the sense of God’s nearness by selfishness and distraction.

Consider a parallel in the life of a little child and the distance he feels from a parent that although physically near is giving instructions that oppose his own immature and selfish desires. Oh that we would grow beyond listening to ourselves and recognize God always knows best and He is always near. No life can be better than one that is lived in awareness of God’s nearness because of agreement and harmony with Him.  Let’s gather on Thursday morning to encourage one another to live with abandon for the Lord.