Romans 8:28


Tandem bike riding in Cannon Beach.

Tandem bike riding in Cannon Beach.

Have you breathed in the misty air found along the coast of Oregon as you listened to the rhythmic crashing of the waves? Oh what a refreshing situation that is! Last week Mark and I, along with the Rogers, Hayes, and Stigters, not only found refreshment from our surroundings, but also soaked in five sessions of worship and teaching during the conference at Cannon Beach for pastors and wives.

Although it might be hard to believe someone could preach five sermons on just one verse—we were blessed beyond words to receive that teaching from Romans 8:28. This Thursday morning as we get started with our fall study I’ll be sharing with you the highlights of the highlights from those messages. Then we will jump right into the first chapter of our books on the Psalms.

Although the Bible is full of good verses to encourage and aid us in our daily life, most often I find myself recommending the Psalms to the distressed. So, with great delight I look forward to exploring all the richness of this great Old Testament book with you. If you take it to heart, it could very well be a life changer for you. Please plan to join us this coming Thursday morning from 9:30 to 11. There will be child care for the little ones. I want you to be there.