good character


Our newest little grandchild came with her family for a visit yesterday from LA.  She is not only darling, but, she has a beautiful name--Bella Rose. I have found that the naming of babies is often a time consuming and frustrating task, but, in reality whatever a baby is named, their character will determine how wonderful their name is in the long run.  That is the whole reason we have an aversion to some names and adore others; because we most likely are associating the name with someone's character.

I'm reading an interesting book that contains a collection of Charles Spurgeon's letters to family and friends.  In a letter to one of his sisters he wrote this:  "Everybody's name is pretty, if you are good people.  The Duke of Tuscany has just had a little son;...they named him...Giovanni Nepomerceno, Maria Annunziata Guiseppe Giovanbaptista Ferdinando Baldas-sere Luigi Gonzaga Pietro Allesandro Zanobi AntonMo.  A pretty name to go to bed and get up with; it will be a long time before he will be able to say it all the way through!  If anyone is called by the name of Christian, that is better than all these great words; it is the best name in the world, except the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."