spiritual character


As we complete studying our last "extraordinary" woman of the Bible this Thursday morning we will dig into the beautiful life of Lydia.  Like all the other women we have studied, she is not known because she was a wonderful business woman, had an powerful husband, or hobnobbed with the affluent of her day.  No, her greatest strength was in her "spiritual character" and her "feminine virtue;" and this was true for every one of the women we have studied.  What is preventing us from being extraordinary women?  It isn't complicated; in fact it is very simple (not easy, but "simple").  "Bear in mind: faith was the root and the quintessence of everything that made these women extraordinary.  But in no case did their excellence stop with bare faith.  The fruit of their faith was virtue."  John MacArthur

See you Thursday morning. 

Beginning on Thursday February 9th we will begin a new study of the books of 1,2,3 John and Jude.  I want you to be part of the this encouraging study.  Plan to pick up a book on Sunday in the foyer and be ready to discuss the first chapter on Thursday morning.