Vasily & Olga Kaletnik

Falesti, Moldova (ABWE)

Vasily Kaletnik grew up in the former Soviet Republic of Moldova.  He married Olga from Ukraine.  They have four children.   Vasiliy became a Christian as a youth and has ministered the Gospel through evangelism and discipleship ministries in Moldova through the Baptist Church.  The early parts of his ministry were during difficult times as the church came through the persecution of the Soviet era.

The Kaletniks had the opportunity to come to the US in the 90's to be with family and tend to health issues.   Since then they have returned to Moldova to minister in the area of the city of Falesti.  Here Vasiliy leads a church of about 100 believers.  From here he organizes youth ministries and also preaches and establishes churches in many small villages where the Gospel has not been preached before.

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