evangelism one on one


Proclaiming the gospel is what Christians are called to do. Peter and Andrew, while fishing, were called by Christ to be fishers of men. Both left their nets and followed as we saw last Sunday. Peter is mentioned first in any list of Apostles and is the leader of the twelve. But his brother Andrew isn’t so prominent in the New Testament. However, both are important examples of being fishers of men. Peter was the preacher that reached thousands. His sermon in Acts 2 is an excellent example. He didn’t even give an altar call. Eusebius, a third century historian, said Peter’s preaching was so penetrating that believers begged John Mark to write it down. -JFB

But we don’t know much about Andrew. We only know he brought others to Jesus one at a time. It was Andrew who found Christ first. Then he “found first his own brother Simon and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (which translated means Christ).  He brought him to Jesus.” (John 1:41-42a). Andrew also brought the lad with the loaves in John 6:8-9 and in 12:20-2 he brought some Greeks; he was always bringing folks individually.

An Irish pastor friend, Philip De Courcy, likened publicly preaching the gospel to throwing a bucket of water at a cluster of empty pop bottles. You’ll get a lot of water out there but only a little in the bottles. God uses that. But another way to fill a bottle is one at a time under a faucet; that is Andrews method. Everyone can reach one person at a time. That is how Andrew caught the big fish Peter. It is like the old jingle, “Each one, reach one, teach one.”  


Franklin Graham will be speaking this Sunday evening at Cheney Stadium. He will give the gospel like Peter. But it is our job to bring “one soul at a time” to hear of Christ. This is another important way that God uses the one fish at a time method. Are you reaching out to bring one soul to meet Jesus this Sunday night August 12th at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma?  Rev. Franklin Graham will be speaking at the Decision America rally at seven thirty PM. Parking is on site and seating will be in the parking lot so bring a folding chair and pray.  See more at www.DecisionPacificNW.com

-Pastor Mark