Mark and I just returned from a great trip to LA to visit Ezra and Heather and their three sweet little kids. Such a fun kid’s song frequently sprung to life as our grand kids flew around on their little balance bikes in their backyard — “Hakuna Matata.” “It means no worries for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free philosophy; Hakuna Matata.” Life should be pretty free of worries and problems when you are preschool age. But, as we get older we will face worries and problems; how we deal with such realities of life make all the difference between despair and joy. I love observing contented, well-adjusted toddlers who don’t have a single concern about their lives. Caring, attentive parents care for everything those little people could ever need. In fact we would be appalled to see such a child fretting. In a similar way as loving parents, except in a much more perfect way, God cares for those who trust Him concerning life and eternity. Life is full of difficulties; that is a fact. If we deny that we have problems, or numb ourselves to them, then we complicate the situation and head toward depression. But, if we realize every hard situation presents an opportunity to lean on God, look for His solution and grow in Christ-like character, then we find peace and joy.

As we begin Ladies Bible study this Thursday we will be studying the Psalms again and being encouraged to trust and praise God though all the ups and downs of life. I’m sorry the books didn’t get to you on Sunday. We will be mainly looking at Psalm 2 this week, so you can read that short Psalm through a few times and think about what would best sum up what God is trying to communicate through it.